Ajika – A superstar of Georgian spicy saucesAjika – A superstar of Georgian spicy sauces

Ajika – A superstar of Georgian spicy sauces.  (125 g. plastic bottle, shelf life 12 months)

Ajika  is a millennium old chilli paste with garlic and spices.Georgian cuisine is unimaginable without the flavor and heat of Ajika sauce.

It can come in different thicknesses, from slightly runny, pesto texture to thick paste. It is a popular condiment in all Northern and South Caucasian countries,and Russian, Ukrainian, Balkan and Baltic cuisines.

Ajika is used to spice up stews, casseroles, roast meats (used asa marinade) and as a dip, condiment, sandwich relish, it’s added to roast and steamed potatoes and is an essential ingredient for curing ham, bacon, and the famous Russian ‘salo’.

Ingredients and recipes for Ajika varies but typically include red and green chilli peppers, garlic, salt, ground coriander, blue fenugreek (‘Utskho-suneli’) and vinegar.

The secret of the success of our Ajika is in the ratios of each ingredient and superb spices and peppers that we get from local farmers.