Pomegranate syrup - NarsharabPomegranate syrup - Narsharab

GNP's superb quality all-natural concentrated pomegranate syrup is a traditional accompaniment to roast fish in many Middle-Eastern and Asian, as well as Eastern European, cuisines.

Sturgeon shashlik, now a delicacy, due to dwindling sturgeon supplies, is unimaginable without Narsharab sauce, which enhances its unique taste.

The health benefits of pomegranate are hard to underestimate. It's packed with antioxidants reducing inflammation in the body, cleansing the blood, and preventing age-related cell damage. Our sauce is made without any additional colourings or preserving agents and has a slightly sweet and tangy flavour.

Narsharab (the sweet version) is traditionally added as a glaze to roast fish and meats, for marinating meats before roasting, it is added to salad dressings, on top of desserts and ice-creams instead of artificial syrups, it goes well with pilau rice, vegetable stir-fry, steamed cauliflower, in morning cereals, yoghurts and is a must-have sauce for a number of Mediterranean, middle-Eastern and Asian dishes.