Our story starts from a little village in Georgia’s wine-making region of Kakheti, where a family of gourmet food lovers struggled to find high quality spices and sauces, made from locally sourced organic ingredients in the grocery shops and decided to make them for their own consumption first and later, for extended family, friends and other food lovers.

We took original recipes from a much-cherished family cook-book, which holds hand-written authentic recipes of three generations, and dates back to 1930 ’s, and converted our wine cellar into the first production line which we called GNP - Georgian Natural Product. From the Kakhetian wine-cellar GNP moved to small manufacturing premises in the capital city, Tbilisi, in 2005 and we made an entrance to the Georgian market with the authentic all-natural Ajika sauce.

The home-made recipe of our Adjarian great grandma was an immediate hit and Ajika continues to be our star product.


The Success Story

Later, under our brand iteration, ‘ODA' (Georgian for 'cottage'), GNP released Svan Salt (sea salt flavoured with spices), Tkemali sauces (a variety of wild plum based relish/condiment), spices and spices mixes, vine and apple cider vinegars, walnut mix (Bazhe and Satsivi) and dry Ajika. Over just a few years GNP has diversified in the market and gained a sizable market share for a small new-comer. As the demand for natural and organic products grew, GNP offered Jonjoli (pickled Colchis Bladdernut flowers), walnut preserve, spice mixes, a range of tomato sauces (Satsebeli) and other seasonal products to consumers establishing the brand solidly as a natural, superior quality local producer.

We are committed to using locally sourced organic products, free from artificial colours, preservatives and other additives whenever possible. Our spice mixes, seasonings and cooking sauces are distinguished for taste, quality and freshness and transform any dish from ordinary into exquisite.


National and International Presence

With targeted marketing and a clear communication strategy GNP has been attracting corporate customers steadily over the last 5 years and currently we are in every major supermarket in Georgia, including global giants – Spar and Carrefour, and also export to USA, UK, Lithuania, Russia, UkraineGNP is sending introductory trial orders to France, Turkey and China from 2019.

Despite rife competition in the market, GNP is holding over 20% of the market share and is further expanding its production to accommodate increased demand.

Outstanding direct and B2B customer service, world-class hygiene and management standards, consistent product quality, investment in our production and distribution teams have earned GNP Platinum and Gold awards from Georgian state authorities.

GNP is a well-established trusted brand within Georgia, open for partnerships with whole-salers and retailers from all over the world, and can offer private label products upon request. We feature in popular TV food shows and participate in various international food events and seek constant feedback on our products from customers via our Facebook page.