Dry AdjikaDry Adjika

Dry Adjika - (15 gr  packing, Shelf life 12 months) includes coarse salt, red hot grinded pepper, seeds of coriander, dried onion, grated walnuts, dill and “khmeli-suneli”. The last component is also a mixture of greenish powder of dry spices distinguished for slight and fragrant, but rather strong odour and temperately hot taste. This mixture is widely used in Georgian cuisine and cuisines of other countries. As a rule compound of khmeli-suneli includes coriander, celery, fenugrec, dill, parsley, savory, sweet basil, majoran, laurel leaf, peppermint, saffron and red pepper.

Ration of Caucasian people doesn’t involve much salt even today, as it may seem: mostly instead of it spices are used. Might this engage one of the secrets of Caucasian longevity, which we always wish to our friends and close people?

Adjika is eaten with cheese, boiled meat, vegetables and even with melons, it is added in vegetable and meat dishes, sauce and even milk products