Satsivi(100 gr plastic packing) (in Georgian - საცივი - cold dish, Shelf life 6 months) – sauce of Georgian cuisine and also a ready- made dish is named after it. The most widespread dish with this sauce is poultry, mostly chicken in Satsivi called simply “Satsivi”. But it should be taken into consideration that in sauce of Satsivi turkey, goose, duck, meat and fish might also be cooked.

The distinctive feature of the sauce is usage of grinded walnuts in large quantities. The set of spices and flavorings for the sauce is also mostly the same and necessarily includes cinnamon, Imeretian saffron (or simply saffron), onion, pepper and as an acidulater – wine vinegar, lemon or pomegranate juice etc.

Satsivi is the characteristic sauce for Georgian cuisine where oils are mixed up with nuts.

It should be mentioned that it enjoys great popularity in the former Soviet Union countries and not only there.