Legendary Svanetian SaltLegendary Svanetian Salt

Legendary Svanetian Salt (15 gr  packing, Shelf life 12 months) this spice will add to any dish unique fragrance and taste. It is served and added to dishes instead of table salt (by taste), it is used for pickling of shashlik, cooking meat, poultry, fish it is used in first courses (soups, borschs, fish soups), side dishes, salads, chops, pelmeni, for salting and preserving vegetables and mushrooms, for cooking of sauces, for aromatizing meat and fish dishes.

Today mother has made Svanetian Salt to send it to relatives in Tbilisi. And I decided to write about Svanetian Salt. Frankly speaking I don′t know what to write… I can only say that the one who has tasted it once is in love with it forever! My husband’s sister had lived in France for many years and she used to take salt with her when she visited Georgia and not only the French queued up for this salt as the fragrance and its taste grants the dishes unique taste and odour.

It includes many ingredients (at least 8): salt, coriander, suneli, pepper etc. And than a long process of manual work follows as genuine Svanetian Salt is only handmade in the wooden mortar. Preparation of 1 kg. of salt takes several hours of intermingling all the ingredients in special wooden mortar.