Svan SaltSvan Salt

Svan Salt (Spiced salt seasoning in 15 g. triangle paper bags. Shelf life 12 months)

This legendary salt with a flavourful mix of spices is a gift to the modern Georgian cuisine from its high mountainous region, Svaneti.

Svan cuisine is ancient and used spices for preserving food and adding taste in the absence of fresh herbs and vegetables for most of the year, due to its subalpine climate.

Svanuri salt is added to dishes instead of table salt, and contains a mix of spices that are democratic and go with the absolute majority of dishes, from soups to pasties, pies, roast meats, pickles, fish, game and poultry, vegetarian and vegan hot and cold food.

Widely used for salting and preserving vegetables, mushrooms, bacons and sausages.

GNP Svanuri Salt is exceptionally good combination of superior quality spices with sea salt. Small triangle packaging keeps it fragrant and fresh for longer and easy to cut a corner to use sparingly.